Full Encirclement Saddles

Full encirclement saddles provide reinforcement for branch and header pipe connections.  These particular fittings are not designed to contain pressure as are the hot-tap fittings.

We provide full encirclement saddles with a run size range of ½" to 30" and a branch size range of ½" to 24".  We offer wall thicknesses up to 1.25" for our full encirclement saddles.

Full Encirclement Saddles
Full Encirclement Saddles

Our full encirclement saddles are manufactured in:

  • Carbon
    • A234 WPB & A234 WPC
  • Low Temp
    • A420 WPL-6
  • High Yield Materials
    • MSSSP75 WPHY-42 through Y-70
    • A860 WPHY-42 through Y-70

We offer full encirclement saddles that are either split through the branch or split 90° from the branch.  These fittings come with an alignment bar or bars depending on the type of full encirclement saddle requested.

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