Reinforcing Saddles & Reinforcing Pads

Reinforcing saddles and pads provide reinforcement for branch and header pipe connections. Reinforcing saddles do not wrap around the header pipe like full encirclement saddles. These particular fittings are not designed to contain pressure as are the hot-tap fittings.

We provide reinforcing saddles with a run size range of ½" to 30" and a branch size range of ½" to 24".  We offer wall thicknesses up to 1.25" for our reinforcing saddles.

Reinforcing Saddle 1
Reinforcing Saddle Fig. 1
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Our reinforcing saddles are manufactured in:

  • Carbon
    • A234 WPB
    • A234 WPC
  • Low Temp
    • A420 WPL-6
  • High Yield Materials
    • MSSSP75 WPHY-42 through Y-70
    • A860 WPHY-42 through Y-70
Reinforcing Saddles
Reinforcing Saddle Fig. 2


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